Multi Shot Range:

The revolutionary driving range outfield from Woodland Golf Build, designed to meet modern day practice needs...

Dual Fairway Multi Shot Golf Design
“The Multi-shot Golf Range Concept will change the way golfers use driving ranges.”

The majority of golfers will take no notice of ball direction, where the ball lands or the distance the ball travels, choosing to repeatedly hit ball after ball with little consistency. Our concept provides a unqiue dual fairway practice facility that stimulates the golfer by offering a multitude of shot options.

The practice experience is enriched by encouraging golfers to target the elevated greens using a variety of clubs. This produces a high quality practice facility that enhances the golfing experience, which in turn increases the popularity and financial viability of the golf centre.

Developed by Woodland. The UK’s leading Golf Build Specialists.

stroke distances
target green heights
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crown golf
We are the retained contractor for Crown Golf PLC and have completed numerous projects for other private golf clubs and driving range operators. We also work alongside a variety of local authorities.

Woodland Golf Build is looking for driving ranges within urban areas, especially within a 20 mile radium of an M25 junction, to introduce this exciting new concept.

Woodland Golf Build is part of Woodland Environmental. For more about information, visit